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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Domain Name in Pakistan

"A domain is a group of computers that can access everyone. For example, A company has a website who purchased the domain. Now every college has access to open this website and use it. Every college has also access to go through this website. But only one person has a right to change the website and that one is admin. Everyone cannot change it. Basically, many domains provide Google to a user in which  pk, net, com, org, co and also other domains provide to a user who can buy and host a website."There are a number of IT companies like First Idea who provides domain name in Pakistan.

Domain Registered in Pakistan

"First of all if we purchase a domain name in Pakistan, we have to think the name first of our website. Name is unique for our website. Name is not long for the website because the user can't know those names and sometimes the owner also forgets these names. So try to register short domain names. In Pakistan, we use pk,,, domains. There are very fewer chances that you use .com. We can purchase the domain in Pakistan because this is a good short domain name available in Pakistan. If we are making a website for the organization then .org domain used for this organization."

Pakistan Domain Names

"In Pakistan, different domain names used for a website. Names are: .com,,, net,.org, BIZ,.US,.TV,.CC,.CN etc. We can purchase any type of domain name in Pakistan and also we can sale website to any user after purchasing a domain. The web sols company gives many domains in Pakistan and also provide a domain for foreign countries. They provide all domains i.e net,,  Many investors purchased a domain and also sale a website to a user."

Common Domain name effect on SEO

"If we purchase a domain, then we have to use a unique name. When we choose a common name for a website then our website cannot on ranked on Google. The SEO expert can handle that kind of websites for a top ranking on Google. They optimize your websites and get a top rank on Google. We just searched a keyword on Google and our website at the top of searched links."

Domain prices in Pakistan

"Domain prices are different for every criterion. If we want a website for school, then we purchase a domain All prices are available on websites who provide domain like First Idea Web Development. Organization domain is .org which is used for business purposes. As it is if we want an education, then the .eu domain is used and its prices are also available on different websites. Different websites which are informative are told about the prices of the domain in Pakistan.
Like,,,,,,, sky, domain etc. We can buy a website domain for any kind of school, business and shopping purpose. Domain prices are different for every user demand. is also a website who gives domain prices list details. After all, about this conversation, the conclusion is that the .com domain is the best domain in Pakistan and web companies provide also a foreign domain.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

 Welcome to our Web Development Company

You are exactly where you need to be, our company is counted in one of the best companies in Lahore. I hope our services will be attracted to you. We provide our services at a very low price. Our company provides you web development, web designing, web hosting, domain registration, logo designing, digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, software development, e-commerce solutions, and also responsive website. Additionally, we give free hosting and outsourcing services. and we give a free demo to the client.

The web development company mission is to satisfied our clients and with our best performances. As a result, Our clients are satisfied with our work. We do good work and satisfy our clients like the way we deal with them. Our staff is creative, highly skilled and experts. They used new ideas to work.


First of all, our company gives many services namely,
Web Development
We can develop the above all responsive and user-friendly website to you. our team is completely full fill your requirements.

Web designing
Our team of experienced designers designs your website seems like your idea with trendy themes. we assure you your website design be classy and attractive.

Web hosting
We offering you web hosting at the very cheapest price. Furthermore, we give different hosting plans so all the users can facilitate what they want.

Domain registration
We offering you a cheap price domain which is reliable. As a result, you have to pay 15$ yearly.

Logo designing
We can make a unique logo for your company. Furthermore,  we provide unlimited revisions.

Digital marketing
Our team can promote your company or brand globally.

Social media marketing
We can promote your business on social media. As a result, the maximum number of customers will be yours.

Search engine optimization
Our team provides maximum traffic on your website.we assure you, your websites have more traffic rather than a competitor.

Software development
Our team provides you software with all your will be user-friendly at a low price.

E-commerce solutions
Hence, We have expertise in e-commerce development. They design a wholly new e-commerce website.

Beneficial for all users

Fortunately, our company is the most famous company nowadays in Lahore, Pakistan.our company is a web development company which offers according to the client budget. our company deals the client in a good way and give them their orders on time. we offer different packages according to client budget. we full fill all the requirements of our clients. Furthermore, our first responsibility is to satisfied our clients. if they are not satisfied we give them the facility of revision.we have the expertise in web development and web design both. Soon,  more facilities also are available. So, our team is here for you. Certainly, come and give the order which you want. We will feel pleasure to work with you.

Monday, June 24, 2019

There are a number of web development companies in Pakistan which have an efficient team of experienced web developers. The web designer of a web development company provides the best services according to the customer given requirements.  We have the best web development company in Pakistan offering a lot of services. Web Development, Web Services, Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing Services, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. You can avail these services at very reasonable rates.

Benefits of Web Development

Nowadays, a website is needed for every business out there to show its existence and its services. If it's a selling store, then they mention the price of the products as well and upload it on their website. Uploading the details of the product helps customer to view the current rates of products like vegetables, cooking material, electronics, garments, and others. Moreover, our web developers can integrate the online buying system which helps customers to buy anything from such store and get delivery at their doorstep.

Additionally, if someone has a business of selling and purchasing mobiles, cars or property. Therefore, such kind of people should also have a website for promoting their business. For Example, if anyone is interested in buying a house in the seller city but belong to another city, so he may contact him. But if the seller has a website with integrated social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. It might possible that the selling home gets reach up to different cities around the country. Anyone around the country or world if interested to buy a house, he can directly buy it if uploaded on the website.

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Web Development Companies in Lahore

Therefore, investing money in websites and digital marketing will 100% paid you back with good business. Web development is essential for growing your business on a national and international level. Web Development makes your business attractive and increases the chances of successfulness.
First Idea Web Development is the leading software house in Pakistan and counted in one of the best web development companies of Lahore. We hire an experienced staff of web developer who can provide the best solutions and satisfy the clients with their uniqueness and creativity.

Our company is kept demanding for the best results throughout the year. The number of our customers keep interacting with us because of excellent performances. We solve the problem if faced by our client and provide them a better solution against their query.

Web Development Companies in Lahore are providing very effective solutions according to customer requirements. Our team members of web Development Company in Lahore are very cooperative and remove the conflicts and errors occurred in their projects. Front-End Developers and Back-End Developers are available with their skills and abilities to develop software according to the customer need and requirements.

Therefore, if you are interested to get any services regarding web development, then do contact us for more information. As we are providing services at very cheap rates according to customer requirements and satisfaction. Web Development Companies in Lahore are discovering the best solutions for the customers and clients and satisfied them with their performances.

Friday, June 21, 2019

As you know that website speed matters a lot in user experience. If the speed of your website is fast, it shows the first and positive impact on the user.

If you are a web developer or web designer, front end developer or backend developer you should read these steps and implement these on your next project. Seo experts are also able to apply these steps on their projects for speed optimization of any project.

There are certain top web development companies in Pakistan which provide website development services with the best website performance.  Fast running websites releases a first great impact on the user experience. But if you follow the below-mentioned steps after custom web design, users on your website will definitely stay on your website.

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1-Reduction of HTTP Applications
Each resource selected with an HTTP or HTTPS web address reduces speed, which reveals that the fewer jobs, the best your site works"You can increase the speed of your website after completing web designing or web development by implementing certain design elements and coding." Few methods are mentioned below:

Use of images:
Combine multiple photos in single images and then put into a single file. Use the background placement to the desired part of the image.

Usage of CSS and the JavaScript linkage:
The combination of CSS code and JavaScript code is significant. Creating a single master file is better than creating different files to perform different tasks.

If Possible then use CSS file instead of images :
it is irritating to use many images instead of CSS because it is easier for the developer, but this strategy affects performance. Instead, try to get the desired look with CSS encoding instead of images.

Don't count too much on JavaScript:
Multiple JavaScript leads to HTTP overload and complicates the maintenance of your Website. It is best to use JavaScript only when necessary.

2-Reduce Redirects
When redirecting to another web page, an additional HTTP request is created. This increases the page load time. Therefore, use less amount of redirects on your website to increase its speed and rank in google.

3- Resource Minimization
Minify is a programming jargon-verb, which removes unwanted code from a CSS-file or javascript. Minimizing code is a great way to improve website performance.
If the code contains additional spaces, page breaks, and rows, remove these items to improve the Website's performance.

4- Compressed the Gzip
One of the best and fast ways for page loading speed is compressing the Gzip. You can also compress files of HTML and CSS.  When the browser hits the web server, it controls Gzip compressing.

If Gzip compression is enabled on the server, it receives a much smaller Gzip file than the uncompressed version. It is recommended to allow Gzip compression as a need to implement in the website or any project because it can reduce the page size more than 60%.

5- Image optimization
Optimizing images also reveal greats impact on the performance of website designing. As you know that graphics designing is now a need to implement on the websites. Many websites rely on graphics designing because of customer demands. Graphics Designing includes certain images which capture a huge space in the project. But if the images are compressed then they will not affect the speed of your website.
Image enhancement means saving the image in web format. According to the HTTP-file image files provide, on average, about 62% of the loading speed of the website pages. This means that optimizing the image is of great importance when it comes to the proper functioning of the Website.

6-Optimizing CSS and JavaScript
The clean and well-structured writing CSS code is critical to performance because misspelled CSS increases page loading time, resulting in a lack of user experience. Moreover, users don't like to stay on the websites which takes a long time in loading. Because of which bounce rate of website increase which is not good for any website.

JavaScript is used for the development of multifunctional Web Development. Difficult and unstructured coding of JavaScript file could result in a negative performance of the website.
For example, users can find an empty screen if the page is loaded incorrectly due to JavaScript problems. Therefore, hire an experienced website designer from the best website design company.

7-Excellent Coding
Try to write clean code. Do this by minimizing lines of code, optimizing database queries, using design models, and avoiding recursion. The coding implemented by the best web development company could result in better performance. This improves maintenance and reduces HTTP overload and significantly improves performance. If you will write the code according to the given instructions your website performance would increase and satisfy the users.

8-Don’t forget your server
Ensure that the server administrator periodically configures a site's server, if necessary, to achieve the greatest traffic growth. The optimal performance of the server provides a better user experience. You can monitor the usage of server resources, and you change the capacity of the server.

9-Utilizing memory in the browser cache
Cache mechanisms work on the server or user browser page. If you store static files from the Website (such as logo and banners) locally, you can speed up loading times for future user visits.
When a user visits or updates a web page, a portion of the Web page is already stored on the local computer. Don't download the data stored in the browser because few server requests need be made.

10-CDN Utilization
CDN stands for the Content delivery network which is a distributed system that manages the transport of static content such as HTML code, CSS and JavaScript files, many images, and certain videos to users depend on their geographic location. CDN is one of the best tools to improve website performance because it separates static content from the application server.
Some well-known CDN vendors are  Google and Amazon. The Amazon Web Services and Google CDN offerings are quite cheap.

By following these steps which can easily be performed by any web designer of professional web design firm Pakistan. You can get these services from a reasonable web development price in Pakistan.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Artificial Intelligence  

Whenever we talk about the latest technology, artificial technology just came across in my mind. Currently, artificial intelligence is justifying and implementing the latest updates in 2019.
Some of the best tech companies like google, facebook, and twitter is releasing their AI to let people utilize it for more information.  Artificial Intelligence is used by a number of large companies.
As in AI-Driven Website Creation, Molly is your web designer who asks you different questions about layouts, colors, content, and then
programmed algorithms which automatically create a website according to your requirements.

Progressive Web Apps
Web Designing Services of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are having better functionalities and executing power. Progressive web apps are considered as modern web development in the web development companies of 2019.  Web apps constructed with a strategic web designing in Pakistan which leads it to the progressive enhancement.
On the flip side of the coin, the progressive webs apps are user-friendly, installable and enhance its working speed because of its built-in features./

Single Page Application
Single Page Application (SPA)  is such a piece of web development which works faster on user devices and reveals boost performance with amazing user experience.  Single Page Application helps to build better responsive websites for mobile, tablets,  and desktop application. Latest developments in Spa depends upon react and angular frameworks which makes it better for hybrid apps.

Mobile Friendly Websites 

There are a certain amount of web development companies in Pakistan who developed high-quality mobile-friendly websites. The best Web Development Company in Lahore developed responsive websites which work well on mobile phones and tablets. Because of mobile-friendly websites, the user experience of people using mobile and tablets is the same as compared to the people using a website on Desktop.

Website User interface
Website Development Company developed a website user interface which attracts the user came to visit your website and spend more time on the website. The Website with the best website user interface increases user interaction. Beautiful animations get integrated into a website to attract visitors and users.

Voice Search Commanding
People prefer to integrate voice search command in their websites to do multitasking and to do certain commands at once.
Enabling the voice search command makes the website work faster.
Enabling results in getting instantly questions and answers.
You can also search by your voice while working on your project and instead of a closing screen and stopping your work for more information. You can get information while working and add certain information which is required during the work.

AI-Enabled Chatbots
The number of businesses websites are using the chatbots in the shape of customer service which is available 24/7 on their website. Al Chatbots are designed and integrated with the algorithms to provide the answers against the queries asked by users and visitors.
Because of web development progress and fast running time, it's quite possible it becomes the need of every business website. Therefore, get a good design website from best web development company which provides you website with well enabled artificial intelligence on your demand to engage the audience.

Push Notifications
Highly developed websites with push notifications get the audience intention which is good for your website as well as for your business growth. People get engaged and about 70% of people read the notifications which are get revealed in the latest survey conducted in North America.

Data Visualizations
Data Visualizations are getting a trend to get enabled in the website designs. The number of business are integrated the big data in their websites to run their businesses in the right direction. There are a number of websites out there who are enabling the big data in their websites to help in their business progressiveness.

Big and Bold Fonts
Bold fonts are written on the websites for the audience. Websites with bold fonts help users and readers to read the content properly. On the other hand, the number of old people can read the content easily written on websites.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

First idea is one of the top software houses in Lahore. As we see that everything is managed by computers and machines nowadays. So, Software Houses are growing throughout the world. Each chip every device, which depend on mechanics is controlled by software nowadays. We build an empire develop this kind of software Web Design, Web Development, Our software development team has a good experience and technical knowledge about this field.

We at our software house develop desktop app, mobile responsive and compatible website that can make your business productive. All these possible in only a software house. If you want to make your business efficient, you can hire our services.

The first idea is one of the best software houses in Lahore. Our technical and professionals deal with web applications, mobile applications, we also provide software design and software development in Lahore Pakistan.

First Idea Web development stands one of the top software houses in Pakistan. We are available here to meet your operational needs optimally. Our company is offering in-house consultancy expertise and software development for the last ten years.
First idea web is the best software house in Lahore. Our company has the genius team of programmers, designers, marketing executives to lead in the market for ten years. Therefore, we stand top software houses in Pakistan.


Our Software House stands in the list of software houses in Pakistan. Pakistan has a developing software house. Now, there are many software houses in Lahore and all cities of Pakistan. Mostly software houses in Lahore, and Karachi. Some software houses are in Arfa Karim tower situated in Lahore. First Idea Web development has one office in DHA Lahore. We are aiming to make Pakistan digital. We stand in the list of software houses in Lahore.

First Idea Web development is listed of
Pakistan software houses association list. We are serving more than ten years in the digital and IT industry. Moreover, we stand conspicuously because of our project management, design, and engineering teams.

Monday, April 8, 2019

First Idea Web, is the best website development company in Lahore. A web development
we provide services with low prices in Pakistan? Primary Idea Web, is the best
web development company in Lahore
, which Provide web development and web designing in
Lahore. We also offer logo designing, buy a domain, website hosting, SEO, digital marketing
online solutions, and Pay-Per-Click campaign management.

Web Design and Development
All Advanced company projects operated by professionals in their respective fields, First Idea web continuously struggles to provide the best tailor-made cutting plus solutions, and think outside the box, for our valued clients. Our commitment is to give very modern answers in the
website development company in Pakistan. So if you are looking for a dedicated, thorough, and multi-disciplined team of solution providers give us a call option or visit us at The First Idea Web Solutions.

Web Development of Pakistan
Web development in Pakistan is still at a budding stage, as the industry is yet to mature enough
to provide solutions on a timely, cost-effective, and consistent basis. We, at First Idea web have the expertise, experience, and contact to provide an array of technological solutions whether be it modified e-commerce, scalable internet portal design, or database and application. First idea web is a leading website development company in Lahore, Pakistan which provides best designing.

Web Development Pricing
Web designing within a reasonable price range is a growing demand in Pakistan, one that First
Idea web strives to meet. Where this has caused in a expand the growth of website
development firms and individuals, the affordability and competence feature tends to leave
one in search of the promise of the rightness of their decision. The experience in development
that First Idea web comes with would leave you in no such hesitation, serving you in compliance with your defined framework and within your affordability terms.