Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How to choose Unique Domain Name in Pakistan?

Domain Name in Pakistan

"A domain is a group of computers that can access everyone. For example, A company has a website who purchased the domain. Now every college has access to open this website and use it. Every college has also access to go through this website. But only one person has a right to change the website and that one is admin. Everyone cannot change it. Basically, many domains provide Google to a user in which  pk, net, com, org, co and also other domains provide to a user who can buy and host a website."There are a number of IT companies like First Idea who provides domain name in Pakistan.

Domain Registered in Pakistan

"First of all if we purchase a domain name in Pakistan, we have to think the name first of our website. Name is unique for our website. Name is not long for the website because the user can't know those names and sometimes the owner also forgets these names. So try to register short domain names. In Pakistan, we use pk,,, domains. There are very fewer chances that you use .com. We can purchase the domain in Pakistan because this is a good short domain name available in Pakistan. If we are making a website for the organization then .org domain used for this organization."

Pakistan Domain Names

"In Pakistan, different domain names used for a website. Names are: .com,,, net,.org, BIZ,.US,.TV,.CC,.CN etc. We can purchase any type of domain name in Pakistan and also we can sale website to any user after purchasing a domain. The web sols company gives many domains in Pakistan and also provide a domain for foreign countries. They provide all domains i.e net,,  Many investors purchased a domain and also sale a website to a user."

Common Domain name effect on SEO

"If we purchase a domain, then we have to use a unique name. When we choose a common name for a website then our website cannot on ranked on Google. The SEO expert can handle that kind of websites for a top ranking on Google. They optimize your websites and get a top rank on Google. We just searched a keyword on Google and our website at the top of searched links."

Domain prices in Pakistan

"Domain prices are different for every criterion. If we want a website for school, then we purchase a domain All prices are available on websites who provide domain like First Idea Web Development. Organization domain is .org which is used for business purposes. As it is if we want an education, then the .eu domain is used and its prices are also available on different websites. Different websites which are informative are told about the prices of the domain in Pakistan.
Like,,,,,,, sky, domain etc. We can buy a website domain for any kind of school, business and shopping purpose. Domain prices are different for every user demand. is also a website who gives domain prices list details. After all, about this conversation, the conclusion is that the .com domain is the best domain in Pakistan and web companies provide also a foreign domain.

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